Features of legal regulation of cloud technologies in Russia and abroad

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Gostev Yaroslav S. Department of Legal Regulation of Economic Activity
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This article deals with the problems of legal regulation of «cloud» technologies in Russian law. The objective of the study is to identify gaps in Russian law and the specifics of the legal regulation of «cloud» technologies through a comparative analysis of the existing Russian Federation, US and EU legislation, in order to identify, based on foreign experience, the best approaches to the regulation of «cloud» technologies without risk to the security of personal data. Based on the study, the author concludes that now, Russian legislation does not effectively regulate «cloud» technologies due to the significant number of gaps in the regulatory legal acts.
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Gostev Y.S., (2021), FEATURES OF LEGAL REGULATION OF CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES IN RUSSIA AND ABROAD. Economic Problems and Legal Practice, 2: 320-324.
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security concerns, data warehouse, data center, data protection.