Amnesty and its impact on the role of law in society`s life
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Sukhorukova Yulia Vitalyevna adyunkt. Mesto ucheby: Ufimskiy yuridicheskiy institut MVD Rossii. Podrazdelenie: kafedra istorii i teorii gosudarstva i prav
Ufa law Institute of MIA Russia
Purpose - research the amnesty`s impact on the society`s movement in the state`s reshaping. Methodology - analysis of normative legal acts, regulating the amnesty`s fulfillment. Results - the article analyzed the problems, featuring the main results of the amnesty`s realization in the Russian state`s reshaping times.
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Sukhorukova Y.V., (2014), AMNESTY AND ITS IMPACT ON THE ROLE OF LAW IN SOCIETY`S LIFE. Gaps in Russian Legislation, 5 => 63-65.
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Koshko A.F. Ugolovnyy mir tsarskoy Rossii. M. 2006.
Amnesty, the crisis in the state, the increase in crime.

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