Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №5 2014
Issue №5 2014
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-276
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1. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law Improvement of the constitutional foundations of the system and the activities of federal government: Analysis of modern legislation Mamitova Natalia Victorovna TO THE QUESTION OF NEED OF CHAPTER OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION "ELECTORAL SYSTEM" IN THE LIGHT OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM Serbin Mikhail Viktorovich CANADIAN SENATE REFORM: EXPERIENCE AND PERSPECTIVES Timashova Tatiana Nikolaevna Powers of the constant deputy commissions of representative bodies of local government, their improvement Apsuvayeva Karina Osmanovna Protection of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen in the Russian Federation and in European countries: a comparative legal analysis Lepshokova Renata Azretalievna Protection by the court of rights and freedoms Tutaev Husein Alievich IMPORTANCE OF CIVIL SOCIETY IN GUARANTEEING FREEDOM OF TEACHING Zaitsev Sergey 2. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings Pre-conflict situation in the violent political conflicts Zalysin Igor Y. Program-target method - as a basis of reindeer breeding - traditional economic activity, lifestyle and culture INDIGENOUS MINORITIES Toria Rita A. Legal Regulation Problems of Local Government in Rus-sia under Dual Power (February-October 1917) Deryabina Ekaterina Semyonovna Amnesty and its impact on the role of law in society`s life Sukhorukova Yulia Vitalyevna The use problems of exceptional regimes in the branches of Russian Law Afzaletdinova Gulnara Kh. The introduction of the Judicial reform of 1864 in the North Caucasus using Kabarda and Balkaria as the subject Serdyuk Anna V. 3. CIVIL LAW, HOUSING LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW, FAMILY LAW, CIVIL PROCEDURE, ARBITRATION PROCESS REGULATION OF THE CHILD'S RIGHTS - THE PATIENT IN MODERN INTERNATIONAL LAW AND IN RUSSIAN LEGISLATION. PROBLEMATIC ISSUES OF THE RATIO'S RULES OF LAW AND ETHICS Burdo Evgeniy Petrovich Garanina Inna Gennadievna THE CONCEPT OF CONSUMER CONTRACTS AND THEIR FEATURES Kudina Svetlana Anatolevna Chernova Gulnara Sharifullina Legal nature of TITLE interest institute Ryzhik Andrey V. DIFFICULTIES OF SATISFACTORI LEGISLATIVE AUTHORIZATION PROBLEMS OF «CONSCIENTIOUSNESS» IN CIVIL LAW Popov V.S. Collisions in the succession of movable and immovable property of the testator Movsisyan Ara T. The peculiarity of the charity foundation legal statuses Prokofeva Ekaterina Igorevna Some aspects of the transactions committed under the influence of violence and threats Vazhin Yaroslav Nikolaevich Russian law as an instrument of unfair competition in the field of e-commerce Levshin Nikolay Sergeevich SPECIFICS LEGAL BASES OF THE ECONOMIC PARTNERSHIP Semenova Y.A. THE MANAGEMENT FEATURES IN ECONOMIC PARTNERSHIP Semenova Y.A. 4. Employment Law; Right to social security; Land law; Natural resource law; Environmental law; IMPROVEMENT OF WORK AND LAW POSITION OF THE PREGNANT WOMEN AND PERSONS HAVING CHILDREN Buyanova Anastasia V. Petryakova D. A. Measures of social support of families with children Buyanova Anastasia V. Novikova Anastasia Vitalyevna AMENABILITY OF PARTIES OF LABOR AGREEMENT ON NORMS OF LABOR LAW FOR FAILURE OF DEMANDS OF LABOR PROTECTION Savin Viktor T. CONFLICTING NORMATIVE DEFINITIJN OF «NATURE» AS A BASIC CONCEPT OF ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL LAW Popova I.V. Popov V.S. Environmental lawyers guard the legal regulation of wildlife and the environment Riabchenko Oksana Nikolaevna QUESTIONS OF VACATIONS IN JUDICIAL PRACTICE Postnikov Nikita Aleksandrovich Retroactive effect of the criminal law: some aspects of the implementation of the criminal proceedings Reshnyak Mariya Genrikhovna Organizational and legal mechanism for regulating the penal juvenile female offenders in juvenile correctional facilities at the present stage of development of the penal system in Russia Podyablonsky Pavel Aleksandrovich Gorkina Svetlana Aleksandrovna TRENDS OF MODERN TERRORISM Medov Musa Umatgireevich Implementation of the criminal penitentiary Russian legislation principles in terms of reforming the national penitentiary system Shelestukov V.N. Qualification of the legalization (laundering) of money or other property acquired by criminal means Garifullina Rasilya Faisullinovna Hakimova Elmira Robertovna The new criminal legislation of the Russian Federation Gribovskaia Natalia Nikolaevna LAND AND PREVENTION OF TERRORISM TERRORIST ACTS Fakov Azamat M. Problems implementing the principle of guilt in criminal law Pitetskiy Vadim Valerevich Legal problems of the transplantation of human organs and tissues in Russia and foreign countries Gilfanova Albina Shamilevna OBJECT OF CRIMES IN TRAFFICKING Rakhimov Murodullo Saidovich Analytical review of contraband crimes of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Cherepkov Denis S. Social Determinants of increased criminal liability for murder on the grounds of political, ideological, racial, ethnic or religious hatred or enmity or hatred or hostility against any social group Rustamov Nofal Eldar oglu Some of the problematic issues of qualification offense under Part 1 of Article 322 of the Criminal Code Korzhaev Yuri Mikhailovich THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE CRIMINAL LEGISLATION ON PENALTIES IN THE FORM OF MANDATORY, CORRECTIONAL AND FORCED LABOUR Mikaelyan Suren Amayakovich LEGAL NATURE OF THE INSTITUTE OF DISMISSAL OF PUNISHMENT IN CONNECTION WITH DISEASE Hakimov Mehrojidin Dustmurodovich 6. Criminal procedure OBJECTIVE TRUTH IN THE CRIMINAL PROCESS AS BURDEN OF PROOF Osipova Nadeajda Vladimirovna EXTREMISM AMONG YOUTH Gutieva Irina Genrikhovna THEORETICAL ASPECTS OF ENSURING RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS OF MAN AND CITIZEN DURING OPERATIVE-DETECTIVE ACTIVITY Gabzalilov Vadim Fanilevich LIMITS OF COGNITION OF CRIMINAL CASE FACTUAL SITUATION BY THE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Orlov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Prosecutor’s submission to eliminate violations of the criminal procedure law in the pre-trial proceedings Spirin Alexander Wladimirovich Features of the application, review and resolution of complaints and petitions in criminal proceedings at the trial stage Zelenskaya Juliya Evgenievna 7. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities Some errors investigators in the production of identification Zakharova Valentina O. ON THE FORMATION SPETSIOLOGII AS A NEW DIRECTION IN JURISPRUDENCE Zhdanov Sergey P. Forensic characterization of extremist crimes Valeev Azamat H. Possibility of Using the Results of Special Psychophysiological Researches and Forensic Examination of Individuals with the Signs of Simulation and Aggravation of Somatic Illnesses Vasilchenko Andrey V. Lonshchakova Angella R. 8. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities PSYCHOLOGICAL PROVIDING TRAINING DECREASES ZONE ACTION AGAINST TERRORISM Mashekuasheva Margarita Khasanbievna To the question about the concept and the essence of the legal status of the Russian Prosecutor's Office Gogolevskiy Alexander Vladimirovich 9. INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW, ENTREPRENEURIAL LAW, CORPORATE LAW, ENERGY LAW To the issue of the owner definition of the products of processing of spent nuclear fuel (on example of FSUE «MAYAK» State corporation ROSATOM) Yavorskiy Ilya Konstantinovich Iojrysh Abram Isaakovich Pitel Victor Aleksandrovich Protection of human rights and freedoms against arbitrary detention by the police Ignatov Evgeny Aleksandrovich 10. Financial law; Tax law; Budgetary law; Administrative law; Administrative process Matrix of the customs control as an instrument of improvement of customs operations Tsagaantsooj Tserenchimediyn On the issue of health insurance in the Russian Federation, as a form of social protection Slavinskaya Yulia Vitalievna 11. OTHER ORIGINS AND MEANING OF MODERN NEOLIBERALISM Schipkov Alexander Vladimirovich About The desovietization OF domestic theory OF THE Criminal Procedure EVIDENCE Mashovets Asiya Okeanovna REALIZATION OF THE RIGHT FOR SAFETY OF THE PROTECTED FACE IN JUDICIAL STAGES OF CRIMINAL TRIAL Bobkov Jan Igorevich About The need to improve the legislative regulation of pre-investigation stage of initiation of criminal case Gadjiev Yahya Anverovich CONDUCT OF CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE ANTI-TERRRORIST OPERATION Butaev Muradali Jakubowicz THE SANCTITY AND IRRATIONALITY CRIMINAL PUNISHMENT Zhesterov Pavel Valerievich Action against organized crime: criminological aspects Gukasov David Samvelovich