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Glazkova Elena Alekseevna aspirant. Podrazdelenie: Institut prava i nacionalnoy bezopasnosti, kafedra teorii i istorii gosudarstva i prava. Dolzhnost: yuriskonsult.
Tambov state university named after G.R. Derzhavin; The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. Branch: STRC "Tambov"
Task. Main objectives of writing of research are the study of an entity of volunteer activities, determination of its place and a role in creation of civil society and recognition of volunteering by institute of civil society. Foreign authors, researching this problem, are, Clayton A., Oakley P., Taylor J., Reza Andam, Asieh Ghorbanian Rajabi. Model. In case of this research the analysis method (a study of an entity of volunteering and structure of civil society), a deduction method (recognition of volunteering by institute of civil society), historical a method (a research of history of formation of civil society and volunteering) were used. Conclusions. In the course of the research the main signs of institute of civil society and the principles of volunteer activities were revealed. When carrying out the analysis and analogy of these characteristics similar lines of these public phenomena were revealed, on result of what the conclusion was drawn on a ratio of civil society and volunteering as the general and private respectively and recognition of volunteering by institute of civil society. Practical application. As a result of a research the proof of perspective of development of volunteering is manufactured in Russia addition of a theoretical basis by new data concerning institutes of civil society, that can be used in case of a further research of civil society and volunteering. Social consequences. The research of volunteering and recognition of civil society by its institute gives significances to this social phenomenon therefore the interest of society in this type of activity increases and all-round development of volunteering is carried out. Originality. This operation is intended for the representatives of scientific community who in particular are interested in civil society and volunteering and also for pupils of legal educational institutions.
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Glazkova E.A., (2018), THE PLACE AND ROLE OF VOLUNTEERING IN CUVUL SOCIETY. Gaps in Russian Legislation, 4 => 65-67.
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civil society, volunteering, the institutions of civil society, volunteer organizations.

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