The correct qualification of act of terrorism and its distinction from diversion
( Pp. 169-170)

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Tatarov Leon Anatolyevich kand. yurid. nauk, polkovnik policii, zamestitel nachalnika kafedry organizacii pravoohranitelnoy deyatelnosti
North Caucasus Institute for Advanced Studies (branch) of the Krasnodar University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Albert Yu. Tutukov Cand. Sci. (Law), Associate Professor of the De­par­tment of Internal Affairs in Special Conditions; North Caucasus Institute for Advanced Studies (branch) of Krasnodar University of the Mi­nistry of Internal Affairs of Russia; Nalchik, Russian Fede­ration
The modern criminal legislation is designed in such a way that law enforcement officials quite often have difficulties with qualification of these or those criminal actions. Also the corpus delicti provided by Art. 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Act of terrorism" isn't an exception. In practical activities quite often there are difficulties with a terrorist attack otgranicheniye from adjacent corpora delicti. In this article the author analyzes such structures as act of terrorism and diversion.
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Tatarov L.A., Albert Y.T., (2018), THE CORRECT QUALIFICATION OF ACT OF TERRORISM AND ITS DISTINCTION FROM DIVERSION. Gaps in Russian Legislation, 6 => 169-170.
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