Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №6 2018
Issue №6 2018
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-318
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1. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings COUNTERACTION OF THE GENERAL PROSECUTOR OF THE SENATE P.I. YAGUZHINSKY TO THE SEPARATE FACTS OF CORRUPTION IN RUSSIA OF TIMES OF PETER THE GREAT Shurukhnov Nikolay Grigorievich STRUCTURE OF LEGAL PROCEDURE FORM Makogon Boris Valerievich Guseva Anna Alekseevna Constitution of the Russian Federation as a social contract Belyakova Anastasia Michaylovna NIHILISM AND THE PROBLEM OF ITS OVERCOMING IN MODERN SOCIETY Burmistrov Sergey V. FEATURES OF THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE LEGAL EDUCATION OF EMPLOYEES OF THE BODIES OF THE INTERNAL AFFAIRS Adaeva Olga Viktorovna PROSECUTORIAL SUPERVISION OVER THE LEGALITY OF PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION IN THE SOVIET PERIOD Strukov Viktor Nikolaevich 2. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law INITIATIVE SCIENTIFIC CONCLUSIONS AS A FORM OF USING SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE IN THE RUSSIAN CONSTITUTIONAL LEGAL PROCEEDINGS Brezhnev Oleg Viktorovich Dual citizenship as a constitutional and legal institution of state security Samoilov Vasily Dmitrievich Solovieva Marina L’vovna FEATURES OF YUGOSLAVIAN SYSTEM OF STATE AUTHORITIES OF UNDER THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW OF 1953 Polovchenko Konstantin A. ECONOMIC GROWTH AS A NATIONAL PRIORITY Boldyreva Elena Vladimirovna The content of constitutional and legal status of the border between the subjects of the Russian Federation: theoretical and practical problems of the boundary changes Gabaraev Alan Sh. Khadikov Atsamaz Kazbekovich THE LEGALIZATION OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES OF JUDICIAL POWER: THE SOVIET PERIOD Treskov Aleksey P. 3. CIVIL LAW; ENTREPRENEURIAL LAW; FAMILY LAW; INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW DOCTRINAL PROVISIONS ON property AND OWNERSHIP rights IN the WORKS of V. A. RYBAKOV Fokov Anatoly P. THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT AND CHOICE OF RESIDENCE IN THE CONTEXT OF IMMIGRATION LEGISLATION: THE ISSUE OF INTERNATIONAL REGULATION Bogdan Varvara V. Urda Margarita N. Zherelina Olga Nikolaevna THE ISSUE OF HARMONIZATION OF LEGISLATION ON INSURANCE OF CIVIL SERVANTS: PRIVATE LAW AND PUBLIC LAW BEGINNIN Bogdan Varvara V. Zherelina Olga Nikolaevna Todrik Vladimir Vladimirovich The order and features of the conclusion of large transactions and transactions in respect of which there is an interest on the part of the corporation Kurkina Natalia Vasilievna History of development of the civil legislation about the real rights in Argentina: Civil code of 1869 Badaeva Natalia V. BASIC THEORY of CIVIL LIABILITY IN the LAW of LATIN AMERICA, FOR EXAMPLE PERU AND COLOMBIA Posokhov Sergey Petrovich Conclusion of the contract of carriage of goods: prerequisites, procedure and their legal significance Staroselceva Marina Mikhailovna Tishhenko Irina Victorovna Kolesova Tatiana Stanislavovna Burlova Julia Alexandrovna Implementation of copyright through the Internet: some problems Demidochkina Maria Yuryevna. Invalid Articles of Association and the theory on invalid entity (Lehre von der fehlerhaften Gesellschaft) in German law Smirnova Marina Vladimirovna Formation of the international legal concept and legal principles in the field of genetic engineering Pestrikova Anastassia Alexandrovna RESIDENCE PERMIT AS AN ASPECT OF IMMIGRATION POLICY OF THE EU Mineeva Irina Nikolaevna Some historical aspects of the legal origin of the legal personality of the underage individuals Belozercev Sergey M. LEGAL PROBLEMS OF DIVORCE OF SPOUSES IN RUSSIA Mosienko Tatyana A. Galaeva Hadi Muharbekovna THE ROLE OF THE PARTNERSHIP OF THE HOUSING OWNERS IN THE MANAGEMENT OF THE APARTMENT BUILDING: NEW IN LEGISLATION Toporov Dmitry A. THE CONSCIOUS ABUSE OF THE RIGHT OF EQUALITY OF PARTIES IN CIVIL PROCEEDINGS Pitnichenko Alexandr Yurievich Indzhoyan Anna Martirosovna Boyarshinov Andrei Vadimovich GERMAN PRINCIPLE OF ORDERING OF THE COMMISSION FOR RECRUITMENT OF RESIDENTIAL PREMISES Filina Victoria Grigoryevna 4. Financial law; Tax law; Budgetary law ECONOMIC AND LEGAL ANALYSIS OF REGULATORY IMPACT ASSESSMENT SYSTEM CREATION BACKGROUND Zembatov Marat R. 5. Employment Law; Right to social security Loss of professional ability to work an athlete as a result of an accident at work: gaps of legal regulation Russkikh Tatyana Vladimirovna Problems of legal regulation of the work of persons with mental disabilities Kutarova Maria Alexandrovna 6. Land law; Natural resource law; Environmental law; Agrarian law PROBLEMS OF DETERMINING THE EXTENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL HARM IN BRINGING TO RESPONSIBILITY UNDER CHAPTER 26 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION "ECOLOGICAL CRIMES" Orlova Natalia Petrovna Kravtsova Elena A. 7. Criminal law and criminology; Criminal enforcement law Crimes of non-violent character against health Kazakova Vera A. INTERACTIONS OF INSTITUTIONS OF UIS WITH PUBLIC AUTHORITIES AND INSTITUTES OF CIVIL SOCIETY IN THE SPHERE OF COUNTERACTION OF CORRUPTION Kozin Mikhail N. Novelties of the Criminal Code on liability for abuse in the performance of the state defense order: problems of interpretation and application Asnis Alexander Yakovlevich About some forms of participation of mass media in combating crime Borovikova Victoria V. Borovikov Valery B. Does the system of criminal punishment comply with the principles of its construction? Popova Elena Eduardovna TO THE QUESTION ABOUT THE OBJECT OF CRIMES AGAINST PUBLIC SAFETY AND HEALTH OF THE POPULATION Nadyseva Elvira H. TO A QUESTION OF DEFINITION OF THE CONCEPT "SAFETY" OF THE THEORY AND THE LEGISLATION OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Tutukov Albert Yurievich The correct qualification of act of terrorism and its distinction from diversion Tutukov Albert Yurievich Tatarov Leon Anatolyevich TO THE ISSUE OF COUNTERACTION OF TERRORISM IN RUSSIAN FEDERATION Tengizova Jeanne Adalbievna Gelyakhova Leyla Abdullakhovna The role of the head of the unit in prevention of admission of prohibited items into prisons Drozdova Elena A. Perminov Aleksandr Vasilievich Topical issues of countering drug offenses committed in a contactless way Volkova Olesia V. Drozdova Elena A. Vysotsky Vladimir Leontievich. Actual problems of functioning of cynological units of the penitentiary system in the conditions of the current budget financing Maslennikov Evgeniy Evgenirvich Polyakova Ekaterina Nikolaevna. Division of crimes connected with bankruptcy and related delicts Orlova Lyubov Alexandrovna DEVELOPMENT AND CURRENT STATE OF THE PENITENTIARY SYSTEM OF THE FEDERATIVE REPUBLIC OF BRAZIL Ovchinnikov Sergey N. PROBLEMS OF ENSURING OF SECURITY AND LEGAL ORDER DURING THE EXECUTION OF FORCED LABOR Ovchinnikov Sergey N. The procedure for the execution of criminal punishment in the form of corrective labor in the Republic of Kazakhstan Gabaraev Alan Sh. Problems of law enforcement practice in the field of implementation of the punishment in the form of correctional works Gabaraev Alan Sh. PROFILE AS ONE OF MODERN FORMS OF COUNTERACTION TO EXTREMISM AND TERRORISM Mashekuasheva Margarita Khasanbievna Topical issues of improving the efficiency of the Russian legislation on liability for knowingly unjust court decision Zenina Larisa Serafimovna REGULATION OF CRIMINAL LIABILITY FOR MAKING A KNOWINGLY UNJUST JUDGMENT UNDER THE LAWS OF NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES Zenina Larisa Serafimovna The main typological characteristics of women convicted of terrorist and extremist activities Kulakova Svetlana Vladimirovna To the question of determining generic and specific object of crime, provided by art. 185.6 of the Criminal Code Rastoropova Diana Sergeevna Legal problems of attracting prisoners to deprivation of liberty in unpaid work Zakarzhevskii Nikolai Nikolaevich PUBLIC MONITORING COMMISSION ACTIVITIES FOR SUPERVISION IN PLACES OF DETENTION Kankulov Anzor Khusenovich The issue of the subject of execution of criminal law measures prevention of socially significant diseases Vorobyova Irina Vyacheslavovna The basic tendencies of development national penal systems in the legislation of foreign countries Korolyova Yulia Alexandrovna On the problem of determining the subject of the crime Art. 200.4 of the Criminal code Prokhorov Eric A. The issue of the application of criminal law measures to prevent drug abuse during exemption from criminal liability Tatarinov Alexander Vladimirovich 8. Criminal procedure SOME QUESTIONS ABOUT THE USAGE OF PREJUDICE (ACCORDING TO THE MATERIALS OF THE CRIMINAL CASE) Marfitsyn Pavel Grigorievich Izhnina LidiaPavlovna Some features of protection in criminal proceedings of the Russian Federation Kharzinova Violetta Mukhametdinovna To the problematic issues arising in the process of exercising their powers by the defense counsel Drozdova Elena A. VERDICT OF THE JURY: SEPARATE PROBLEMATIC ASPECTS Fadeeva Elena I. Some problems of checking reports of crimes in the sphere of economic activity Kanatov Eugene S. 9. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities LEGAL REGULATION OF THE LAW ENFORCEMENT SERVICE IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION: MODERN STATE AND DEVELOPMENT PROSPECTS Tengizova Jeanne Adalbievna Manukyan Aline Romanovna TO THE QUESTION ABOUT IMPROVEMENT THE LEGAL BASIS FOR THE PARTICIPATION OF A SPECIALIST IN THE FORENSIC, INVESTIGATIVE AND OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT Zhdanov Sergey P. Problems of improving the prosecutor's supervision over the implementation of laws protecting the orphans and children's rights, left without parental care in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation Sybankulov Ernat 10. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities FEATURES OF THE APPLICATION OF FORENSIC PROFILING IN THE PERIOD OF COLLECTING RELEVANT INFORMATION DURING THE INVESTIGATION OF THE CRIME Bertovsky Lev Vladimirovich Burmistrova Natalia Sergeevna THE USE OF TECHNICAL MEANS OF PHOTO AND VIDEO RECORDING DURING THE PRODUCTION OF SURVEY OF A SCENE: A TACTICAL FRAMEWORK AND PROCEDURAL ASPECTS Kovtun Yuriy A. Shevtsov R. M. Vinokurov E. A. Arkhiptsev Ivan N. Kovtun Viktor A. Influence of weather conditions on the trail pattern when a specialist works with traces of shoes Gauzhaeva Victoria Aleksandrovna Otarov Alim Arsenovich Features of fixation and packaging of objects found at the explosion site Gauzhaeva Victoria Aleksandrovna Shamaev Artur M. 11. Information Law FOREIGN EXPERIENCE OF COUNTERACTION TO EXTREMISM AND TERRORISM IN THE INTERNET SPACE Burayeva Lyudmila A. On the issue of improving the licensing system in the field of cryptographic protection of information in the development of the digital economy Borisov Mikhail Anatolyevich On the issue of improving the system of access to state secrets in the development of the digital economy Borisov Mikhail Anatolyevich 12. Administrative law; Administrative process INTRODUCTION OF ADMINISTRATIVE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE SYSTEMATIC VIOLATION OF RULES OF ROAD TRAFFIC: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS Majors Vladimir I. Gorovenko Sergey Viktorovich. Problem issues of administrative responsibility for disorderly conduct Svetlichnaya Tatyana Borisovna Slusareva Tatiana Gennadevna The system of legal norms of administrative legislation of the book of the Old Testament Deuteronomy Ivanov Dmitry V. 13. FOREIGN LEGAL PRACTICE Partial arrangement in the Polish Reorganization Law Rafal Adamus 14. OTHER QUALITY ASSESSMENT OF TRADE AND HOUSEHOLD PROCESSES IN THE TERRITORY OF A FOREIGN STATE: REGULATORY AND ORGANIZATIONAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE APPROACHES Kozin Mikhail N. Ryzhkov Dmitry Nikolaevich The organization of studies with use of interactive methods when training the cadets studying on narrow specialization "Preliminary investigation in law-enforcement bodies" Gauzhaeva Victoria Aleksandrovna Otarov Alim Arsenovich Experience of the states of the former USSR in the field of countering market manipulation and the unlawful use of insider information Adinayev Semyon Irsilievich.