Maintaining of Constitutional Legality through Interpretation of Constitutions (Statutes) of the Subjects of the Russian Federation
( Pp. 25-28)

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Davydova Mariam Alexandrovna Cand.Sci.(Law), Associate Professor of the Department of Financial Law; Associate Professor of the Department of Banking Law and Financial and Legal Disciplines
Russian State University of Justice; Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Moscow, Russian Federation
The aim of this study is to investigate the interpretation of the constitutions and statutes of the subjects of the Russian Federation and its impact on the formation of a uniform understanding and application of constitutional norms by all subjects of law throughout the country. The results of the investigation show that the interpretation of the constitutions and statutes of the subjects of the Russian Federation such as the power of constitutional (statutory) courts has a positive impact on overcoming and eliminating gaps and contradictions in the legal norms of the subjects, as well as contributes to bringing them to maximum coherence. The provision of an opportunity to interpret the regional fundamental laws in the territories of all subjects of the Russian Federation will lead to the maintaining of supremacy of the constitutions (statutes) of the federal subjects. Investigations show that there are still subjects in the Russian Federation where constitutional and statutory courts are not available, and legislative bodies are not empowered to interpret their constitutions (statutes). In our view, these circumstances lead to a negative impact on the stability of constitutional legality. Therefore, the more often the problem of interpretation of the fundamental laws of the subjects is raised, the more it will contribute to the development of this institution and, as a result, the inclusion in the legislation of all subjects of the Russian Federation of the powers of interpretation of subjects' constitutions and charters. Originality. The Institute of interpretation of the fundamental laws of the subjects of the Russian Federation and the problems associated with its implementation require wider discussion, since with the main purpose and results of scientific research in this matter it should contribute to the development, strengthening and stabilization of constitutional legality in the regions of the country.
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