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Houegbeadan Fofonin Appolinaire aspirant ekonomicheskogo fakulteta
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
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This article is devoted to innovative entrepreneurship in the Western Africa. Development of skills of youth and regulation of the entrepreneurial sphere - as on new and at the existing enterprises, promotes the economic growth and social development. The significant role in the business development in the west African countries is played by the Chinese entrepreneurs. China became the largest investor, the dealer, the buyer, the donor, and also the strategic partner of the African countries. The objective of this research consists to promote and motivate the youth for going through an entrepreneurial mindset, to innovate and create more jobs for the mass degree and non-degree holders in Africa. The research is important for many African organizations and communities.
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Houegbeadan F.A., (2016), INNOVATIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN WEST AFRICA. Business in Law, 6: 93-96.
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economic growth, entrepreneurship, unemployment, innovation, China, West African countries.