Foreign experience in fighting corruption
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Kilâshanov Hizri Šapievič docent kafedry Akademii upravleniya MVD Rossii, kandidat filosofskih nauk
the Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
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The task of writing this article is to study the problems of foreign experience in fighting corruption. Above the test problems of corruption relations work and work overseas researchers such as R. Prebisch, Emmanuel A., I. Wallerstein, Hernando de Soto, Schumpeter and other methodological basis of the research in this article constitute the concept of economic theory of corruption in developing framework of institutional economics. The survey system was used scientific methods of dialectical cognition system and factor analysis of the socio-economic security.Conclusion: In this article the author proves the problem of foreign experience of combating corruption. Arguments on the definition of the main directions of corruption on the basis of foreign experience. The findings of the study theoretical principles stated in Article conclusions and practical recommendations can contribute to a coordinated state policy of Russia in the fight against corruption and economic security, combating organized and economic crime. The practical significance of the research results in this paper lies in their focus on the tasks facing the authorities to ensure the protection of the economic interests of the state, society and the individual from criminal encroachments corruption including foreign experience. Conclusions and recommendations of the article including foreign experience can be used in the justification of national measures and mechanisms to combat corruption, the economic security of Russia, the fight against organized crime, economic orientation, counter-corruption criminal threats implementation of priority national projects, the federal target programs and innovative development of national the economy; in preparing reports top executive authorities of the Russian Federation on combating corruption and the MIA of Russia. Scientific novelty item is determined considering the complex problems of international experience of combating corruption. This article is intended for researchers and practitioners.
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Kilâshanov H.Š., (2014), FOREIGN EXPERIENCE IN FIGHTING CORRUPTION. Business in Law, 3: 77-80.
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corruption, foreign experience, foreign corrupt practices, industrialized States, corruption scandal, the prevention and suppression of corruption in the civil service, bribery of foreign officials.