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Fedorov Denis Vladimirovich generalnyy direktor OAO «Gazprom energoholding», k.e.n.
Open Society «Gazprom power holding»
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The work purpose is research and the analysis of features of development of power sector at the present stage. In article the attention is focused on such prominent aspects of the present stage of development of power sector as power consumption increase in world economy and necessity of working out taking into account it the adapted approaches to a policy of its regulation the Practical importance of the presented material consists in the proof of that position that by working out of a policy of state regulation of power sector the account of interests of all participants of economic relations is necessary. The material stated in work is focused on the experts occupied directly in sector of power, and also for other persons, the interested by development of power branch.
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Fedorov D.V., (2014), FEATURES OF DEVELOPMENT OF POWER SECTOR AT THE PRESENT STAGE. Business in Law, 1: 191-193.
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the energy sector, power consumption, regulation of the energy sector.