Social Tension as One of the Key Aspects of the ESG Principles System
( Pp. 67-71)

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Kotov Dmitry A. senior lecturer at the Department of Sociology
Financial University
Moscow, Russian Federation
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This article is devoted to the analysis of such a concept as social tension. In this work, the main characteristics of social tension are considered, basic approaches to its definition are identified, and the opposite determinants of social life, such as social trust and social solidarity, are indicated. The author has analyzed the key factors influencing tension in society and events, the most significant of which has recently become the COVID-19 pandemic. An important place in this article is occupied by the definition of such a concept as ESG principles. The author describes the key elements of this phenomenon, indicates the importance of the process of applying these principles for social development. At the same time, the principles of sustainable development are important not only for improving the social structure, but also for the companies themselves using the described provisions in their strategies, as well as for potential investors. The article describes the mechanism of influence of the application of ESG principles on the level of social tension. This may be a direct reduction in social tension or an indirect impact on the opposing indicators, such as social trust and social solidarity. The author points out the need to spread the application of ESG principles among organizations to increase social sustainability.
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Kotov D.A., (2022), SOCIAL TENSION AS ONE OF THE KEY ASPECTS OF THE ESG PRINCIPLES SYSTEM. Sociopolitical Sciences, 2: 67-71. DOI: 10.33693/2223-0092-2022-12-2-67-71
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social tension, ESG principles, social trust, social expectations, sustainable development.