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Chislov Alexander I. Doctor of Law, Professor, professor of the Department of Philosophy, Foreign Languages and Humanitarian Training of Internal Affairs Officers Maksimenko Alexander Vladimirovich PhD. yurid. Associate Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences Head of the Department Department of Criminal Law Disciplines Novopavlovskaya Elena E. PhD in Law, Associate Professor, professor of the Department of State and Legal Disciplines
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The social nature of the Russian state presupposes the existence of various forms of social security, the guarantee of payment of state pensions and social benefits. The authors consider the target targets of the state social policy worked out several years ago, including the reduction of the level of population division depending on their incomes, the reduction of the overall poverty level, the increase in the middle class of the population, the increase in the sizes of various types of pensions, etc. Some directions of reforming the pension legislation are analyzed in terms of adjusting the mandatory conditions for appointment and payment of social pensions, changing the system of early retirement pensions, changing the procedure for calculating pensions, including establishing a fixed payment for the old-age insurance pension, disability insurance pension, pension indexation, coefficient, etc. Particular attention in the article is paid to the study of one of the resonant bills, which provides for raising the normative retirement age. Referring to expert opinions and arguing about the possible positive and negative results of raising the retirement age, the authors come to the conclusion about the uniqueness of certain areas of reforming the pension legislation of modern Russia.
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Chislov A.I., Maksimenko A.V., Novopavlovskaya E.E., (2018), ON SOME DIRECTIONS OF REFORMING THE PENSION LEGISLATION OF MODERN RUSSIA. Sociopolitical Sciences, 4: 107-111.
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