Tendencies of crimes concerned with the illegal absorption of legal entities (raiding)
( Pp. 168-170)

The unstable economic situation leads to increased criminogenicity of economic relations. In the framework of this study, the author sets the goal to identify key trends related to the modern aspects of illegal acquisitions of legal entities (raiding). It is noted in the work that recently the crimes under consideration are more often committed by persons with high qualifications and support, which necessitates a more active involvement of relevant specialists in the investigation of crimes. The author also reveals that the lack of financial stability of the subjects of the Russian market of small and medium-sized enterprises forms from them a convenient target for corporate capture and is an additional source of the risk of raiding in the Russian regions. The practical significance of this study lies in the possibility of using its findings by the leadership of small and medium-sized enterprises as a guideline in the development of preventive actions aimed at minimizing the risks of illegal absorption. The results of this study can also be used to improve existing policies to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the regions.
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Zagitova E.A., (2020), TENDENCIES OF CRIMES CONCERNED WITH THE ILLEGAL ABSORPTION OF LEGAL ENTITIES (RAIDING). Economic Problems and Legal Practice, 1 => 168-170.
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market price, raider seizure, corporate seizure, unfriendly takeover, illegal absorption of legal entities.

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