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Bukina Svetlana E. finansovo-ekonomicheskiy fakultet
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Palamarchuk Aleksandra R. finansovo-ekonomicheskiy fakultet
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
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The problem of the impact of blockchain technology on the world economy and society, which caused the need to regulate the circulation of cryptocurrencies at the state level, is extremely relevant, is on the agenda of governments of different countries, occupies the minds of both ordinary people and modern scientists (Doctor of law D. Tapscott, Canada), economists (N. Rubini, USA), philosophers (K. Popper, UK). The purpose of this work was to analyze the international experience of state legal regulation of cryptocurrencies and operations with them, the possibilities of its application in the formation of the legislation of the Russian Federation in this area, in the transition of our country to the digital economy. During the research the dialectical method of scientific knowledge was applied, methods of observation, analysis, comparison of indicators were also used, materials of publications in special literature and periodicals were analyzed and generalized. As a result of the work, three groups of countries that differ in their chosen approach to the problem of regulation of cryptocurrencies were identified, in particular, countries that do not have legal regulation, a ban on the use of cryptocurrencies and countries whose regulation is enshrined in law. The positive and negative consequences of these approaches are analyzed. Also considered and analyzed the Russian bill «on digital financial assets », highlighted the key points from the experience of Japanese regulators, which can be used in the practice of Russian legislation. The bill, if adopted, will give cryptocurrencies a legal status, which will have a huge impact on the economy of the Russian Federation, so while the law is being discussed and edited, it is extremely important to draw attention to it not only stakeholders, but the General public. This work examines the latest changes in the field of cryptocurrency regulation, contains material that can be used in the practice of lawmaking, designed for students of economic and legal specialties, entrepreneurs, representatives of the legislature.
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Bukina S.E., Palamarchuk A.R., (2018), LEGAL REGULATION OF THE CRYPTOCURRENCY INDUSTRY IN RUSSIA AND ABROAD. Economic Problems and Legal Practice, 6 => 86-92.
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