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Mikhailichenko Ksenia A. aspirant kafedry trudovogo prava i prava socialnogo obespecheniya
the National Research University «Higher School of Economics»
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In the present article, the author analyzes theoretical and practical problems connected with the implementation of property rights and guarantees by trade unions in Russia. The article explores the question of what are the property rights of trade unions in accordance with Russian law, from what sources can the trade union receive funding and what does it matter to employees. The disputed issues and problems of each type of financing are analyzed. The article deals in detail with the issue of the correlation of labor legislation, legislation of non-commercial organizations and civil legislation. The author gives the most relevant and important judicial practice on the implementation of property rights, as well as proposes solutions to issues that are not regulated by the legislator and cause ambiguous decisions in judicial practice. Questions concerning the property rights of trade unions should be the subject of serious and detailed research in the science of labor and civil law, the results of which should be further used in the improvement of trade union legislation and the practice of its application.
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Mikhailichenko K.A., (2018), PECULIARITIES OF REALIZATION OF PROPERTY RIGHTS BY TRADE UNIONS IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION. Economic Problems and Legal Practice, 4: 149-153.
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