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The problems of the procedural rights of the victim in a criminal case are the focus of many procedural scientists who argue that the victim is at a disadvantage with the accused regarding the scope of rights, the procedural legislation has an imbalance between the rights of the victim and the rights of the accused, calling for the extension of the rights of the victim. In the article, the author comes to the conclusion that there is no need to expand the rights of the victim, whose system of rights is sufficiently developed and detailed in Russian legislation. The restoration of the violated rights and interests of the victim depends not on the scope of the rights, but on the creation of conditions for the realization of these rights. In his work, the author compares the possibilities of exercising the rights of the victim during the preliminary investigation on the one hand, and during the trial - on the other. Also, the opinion was expressed about the unacceptability of the notion of “balance” in the criminal process in relation to the scope of rights of participants in criminal proceedings.
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Mamedov R.Y., (2019), THE ISSUES OF EXTENSION OF THE RIGHTS OF VICTIM IN CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS. Gaps in Russian Legislation, 3 => 171-173.
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