The anniversary of professor Petrova Galina Vladislavovna
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Stupakov Valery Ivanovich kand. yurid. nauk, docent, Zaveduyuschiy kafedroy konstitucionnogo i administrativnogo prava
Institute of International Law and Economics named after A.S. Griboyedov Chistyakov Vladimir Vsevolodovich professor, glavnyy redaktor
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Introduction The article is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Petrova Galina Vladislavovna, a prominent domestic legal scholar in the field of financial, tax, budget law, international financial law and international legal regulation of foreign economic activity, Doctor of Law, Professor, currently working as a professor at the Department of Administrative and Financial Law MGIMO Russian Foreign Ministry. An extraordinary researcher, G.V. Petrova She devoted 46 years of scientific and pedagogical activity to work in the largest domestic research institutes and universities, creating a series of fundamental works on the legal problems of foreign economic relations, tax relations, financial and economic activities of the state and participants in financial markets at the national and international level. G.V. Petrova, for 46 years of fruitful scientific work, more than 250 scientific works have been published, including sections in international monographs, scientific articles in leading journals and periodicals of the USSR, the Russian Federation, foreign information publications, textbooks, monographs, comments on federal laws. Methods and discussion: The authors of this article, representing the circles of the legal scientific, teaching and publishing community, have been collaborating for many years and participating in international conferences together with Professor G.V. Petrova, knowing her as a deeply professional, multifaceted and hardworking scientist, one of the first founders of Russian scientific schools of tax law and international financial law. Conclusions and Results. Under the leadership of G.V. Petrova formed a scientific school of tax law and fiscal federalism, when she worked as head. Department of Financial Legislation of the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation in 1998-2004. Another scientific school created by G.V. Petrova in the field of international financial law, formed during her work as head. the Department of Private International Law and Civil Procedure of the All-Russian State Tax Academy of the Ministry of Finance of Russia in 2004-2012, which from 2004 to the present continues to develop Petrova G.V. at the Department of Administrative and Financial Law of the International Law Faculty of MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.
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Stupakov V.I., Chistyakov V.V., (2021), THE ANNIVERSARY OF PROFESSOR PETROVA GALINA VLADISLAVOVNA. Gaps in Russian Legislation, 2: 15-21.
anniversary of the Russian scientist, professor Galina Vladislavovna Petrova, scientific school of tax law, scientific school of international financial law.