Current Activities of Law Enforcement Authorities on Combat Youth Extremism
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Akkaeva Halimat Alievna Cand.Sci.(Law), Police Colonel, Head of special technical disciplines Department
North Caucasus Institute for Advanced Studies (branch) of the Krasnodar University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
Nalchik, Russia
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Extremist activity in the modern world is a global problem, because the scale of its spread has affected all regions and states. In certain crisis periods, this activity is gaining significant momentum. This situation is currently observed in the Russian Federation. Under the influence of a number of factors (economic, geopolitical, social, etc.), extremist ideas and views spread most rapidly among young people. This is because representatives of this category of the population are most susceptible to crisis situations occurring in society, because of their worries about their future. Given the importance of the younger generation for the development of the Russian state, the fight against the spread of extremist views among young people is the main direction of the functioning of many government bodies. The purpose of this study is to analyze the main activities of law enforcement agencies to combat youth extremism in the Russian Federation. The author comes to the conclusion that the features of the functioning of law enforcement agencies in the field of countering youth extremism are objectively determined by the specifics of youth development in a particular society. Modern representatives of the younger generation are mostly focused on Internet communication, and therefore law enforcement agencies quite rightly pay close attention to information disseminated in various Internet resources. The priority importance of the preventive activities of law enforcement agencies is noted, since in the case of its effective implementation, the problem of the desire of young people to seek access to prohibited Internet resources or to commit illegal acts of an extremist orientation is directly solved.
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extremist activity, youth extremism, law enforcement agencies, fight against extremism, Russian legislation and law enforcement practice.

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