Legal Framework of the Education Industry Defining Digital Literacy Standards for Educators in the People's Republic of China
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Anna V. Yakovleva
The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation Tatiana V. Nechaeva
National Research University ITMO
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation Tamara V. Stepanova
St. Petersburg University of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense
Emergencies and Natural Disaster Relief named after a Hero of the Russian Federation General of the Army E.N. Zinichev, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
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In the context of rapid development of digital technologies in various sectors of the economy and society, digital literacy as a fundamental ability to adapt to the digital transformation has become an important basic skill for personal and organizational development. Only by increasing digital literacy and skills, above all through the education system, it is possible to adapt to the new opportunities and demands of human resource training in the digital era. In this regard, increasing the digital competencies of not only students, but also educators, is an important part of promoting the digital transformation of education [14]. No matter how good digital equipment is, people are needed to use it; no matter how good digital resources in education are, people are needed to develop and approve them in practice, therefore, new models of education and teaching require people who study and promote these resources, and educators play a central role in this promotion process. On November 30, 2022, an industry-specific education standard «Digital Literacy for Teachers» was officially released and implemented in the People's Republic of China. The standard was proposed by the Department for Work with Teaching Personnel of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and many other departments, including the Department of Science, Technology and Information Technology of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, a number of Normal Universities (East China Normal University, Northwest Normal University, Beijing Normal University, Capital Normal University, Hubei Province and Jilin Province Normal Universities). On February 3, 2023, the standard was publicly launched at the World Conference on Digital Education and attracted widespread attention. This is the first industry-specific education standard on digital literacy for educators released in China, which is key to promoting the effective development of digital literacy among educators and the evaluation criteria for their performance in this field. This standard describes and sets forth the parameters of digital literacy of the future teachers, explains the basic values and system of evaluation of digital literacy of teachers, provides recommendations for the departments that control the education process, schools and educational institutions for the development of digital literacy of teachers, and also provides recommendations for the creation of educational resources for teachers to promote their digital literacy, as well as for performing monitoring and evaluation [14].
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digital literacy standard for teachers; digital literacy; digital awareness; digital technologies; social responsibility; professional development; People's Republic of China..

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