Specifics of Creation and Activity of Private Railroads in the Grand Duchy of Finland
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Gauk Andrey Miroslavovich postgraduate student of the Theory and History of State and Law Department, Law Faculty, Tavricheskiaya Academy; Crimea Federla University named after V.I.Vernadskiy
Crimea Federl University named after V.I.Vernadskiy
Simferopol, Russia
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Abstract: The article discusses the process of legal organization of the creation and activities of private railways in the Grand Duchy of Finland. The basis of the legal framework of this process was the following regulations: Resolution on anonymous or joint-stock companies and a resolution on partnerships unspoken or on faith from 24.11.1864; Regulation on the chief inspector of private railways from 24.01.1858; Personal decree "On the procedure for supervision of private railways with a small length" of 1/ 18.05.1865; Regulation on inspectors of private railways from 26.06.1857; Declaration on the supervision of private or public owned railways in Finland from the 12.10.1871; The law on the procedure for making serfs and mortgages for private railways open to public movement from 15.04.1889; A decree on the conditions for the permission of individuals, society and communities of concessions for the construction of railways in Finland and on what should be observed in this case, from 3.02.1876; Decree on imputing the owners or holders of land as an obligation, for remuneration, to cede land to public needs from 12.12.1864.
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Gauk A.M. Specifics of Creation and Activity of Private Railroads in the Grand Duchy of Finland // Gaps in Russian Legislation. 2023. Vol. 16. №6. Pp. 027-033. (in Russ.). EDN: NAJVHC
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