Analysis of the Impact of Economic and Technological Indicators on the Transformation of the Financial Development of Countries
( Pp. 315-326)

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Konstantin V. Krinichansky
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Moscow, Russian Federation Natalia V. Grineva
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Research in the field of financial development is an integral part of macroeconomic analysis and strategic planning at the national level. They allow the state and business to make informed decisions aimed at developing the financial system, maintaining high rates of economic growth or increasing them, etc. The aim of the study is to improve the quality and efficiency of the assessment of the financial system based on the analysis of the impact of economic and technological indicators on the pace of financial development. To achieve this goal , the following tasks were set and solved in the work: 1) the analysis of the main concepts, tools and algorithms for assessing the pace of financial development was carried out; 2) variables characterizing one of the sectors of the financial system, variables of interest were determined; 3) statistical interpretation of the processed data was carried out, 4) panel data models were constructed. Materials and Methods. The modeling used system and statistical analysis, econometric modeling of panel data. Conclusions: a conceptual approach has been developed to typologize the financial development of countries, which will allow government agencies to carry out more accurate macroeconomic forecasting and apply a strategic approach to planning economic development. The modeling of the influence of macroeconomic indicators, dummy variables of economic crises, variable technological components on indicators of financial development and variables characterizing the structure of the financial system is carried out.
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Grineva N. V., Krinichansky K. V. Analysis of the Impact of Economic and Technological Indicators on the Transformation of the Financial Development of Countries // ECONOMIC PROBLEMS AND LEGAL PRACTICE. 2023. Vol. 19. № 5. P. 315-326. (in Russ.) EDN: YUFXYO
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financial development, financial structure, banking financial system, market financial system, technological development, panel data..

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