North Korean issue in Chinese-American relations (2013-2016)
( Pp. 106-110)

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Anna D. Verisova lecturer of the chair of foreign languages and intercultural communications
Ural State University of Railway Transport
Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation Kuzmin Vadim A. doktor istoricheskih nauk, professor, professor kafedry vostokovedeniya
Ural Federal University
Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation
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The article discusses the relationship between China and the United States in the context of North Korea’s nuclear issue. The article covers the period from the coming to power in China of Xi Jinping in 2013 until the end of the presidential term of Barack Obama in 2016. The content and main conclusions of the authors of the article are based on the analysis of sources of various types and other materials in Russian, English and Chinese. Of particular interest are materials in Chinese posted on the websites of various Chinese governmental offices: speeches by Xi Jinping, press conferences of representatives of foreign ministry and others. These sources allowed the authors to reveal the specifics of the political thinking of the Chinese leaders, which was reflected in relations with the United States on the problems of resolving the North Korean issue. It should be emphasized that the content and effectiveness of Chinese-American contacts on the Korean problem is not well understood and poorly covered in the scientific literature. In the presented article, the authors attempted to eliminate this drawback. An essential element of the novelty of the content of the article is given by the active use by the authors of materials in Chinese.
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Anna D.V., Kuzmin V.A., (2020), NORTH KOREAN ISSUE IN CHINESE-AMERICAN RELATIONS (2013-2016). History and Modern Perspectives, 1 => 106-110.
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Barack Obama, China, denuclearization, North Korea, USA, Xi Jinping.

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