The activity of youth political organizations as a factor in the regional political process (case of the Altai Krai)
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Assev Sergey Yu. kandidat istoricheskih nauk; docent kafedry politologii
Altai State University Shashkova Yaroslava Yu. doktor politicheskih nauk; zaveduyuschaya kafedroy politologii
Altai State University
The article is dedicated to the analysis on how actively the youth political organizations participate in public affairs of Altai Krai before major electoral cycle of 2021. The indications and reasons of crisis, which covers the most youth political parties and formally independent youth associations, are being studied. The data of the survey upon the youth of Altai Krai proved that the level of trust regarding those associations among the youth is quite low, as well as the opinion on their efficiency. Basing on online and offline activity analysis of the youth political organizations, the author concludes that not only formal, but actual presence on Altai Krai political space was only provided by the organizations which received support and resources of political parties that were represented in federal and regional legislature bodies. It has been noted that the regional youth political organizations can not afford to carry on their individual political agenda. Such organizations are usually being brought to execute planned public outreach. The maximum of the youth potential, its’ human and electoral opportunities are used only in periods of significant election campaigns.
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the youth, the youth political organizations, regional political process, Altai Krai.

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