U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy: The nuclear dimension
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Toropchin Gleb V. kandidat istoricheskih nauk, docent; kafedra inostrannyh yazykov tehnicheskih fakultetov NGTU; kafedra mirovoy ekonomiki, mezhdunarodnyh otnosheniy i prava
Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management
The given article is dedicated to considering the role of nuclear factor in the U.S. policy in the Asia Pacific region lately. The work is written based on the analysis of the official doctrinal documents defining U.S. foreign policy. The purpose of the paper is defining the significance of the nuclear dimension in Washington’s Indo-Pacific strategy and trends in its evolution in late 2010s and early 2020s. The author dwells upon the features of conceptualising the term “Indo-Pacific region” in the U.S. foreign policy strategy taking into account its transition from the expert discourse to the official one. Three layers of analysis are singled out: doctrinal, operational and institutional. Special attention is paid to the relations between the U.S. and its allies in the macroregion, including parties to the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (i.e. India, Japan and Australia), as well as other countries, such as South Korea. The influence of China’s growing power and its claims for regional and global leadership on the shift in Washington’s foreign policy is also unveiled. The author discovers a direct correlation between the role of the maritime constituent in the “Indo-Pacific region” and the intention of the U.S. to develop the sea and air components in its nuclear triad. Various directions of the U.S. advancing its nuclear forces in the Asia Pacific Region are shown, as well as the role of adjacent projects in the field of security (such as “Global ABM”). Apart from this, the article demonstrates the factors that might have an impact on the U.S. nuclear policy in the region during J. Biden’s presidency. An attempt is made to predict possible scenarios in the near future.
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Toropchin G.V., (2021), U.S. INDO-PACIFIC STRATEGY: THE NUCLEAR DIMENSION. History and Modern Perspectives, 1 => 54-58.
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Indo-Pacific strategy, Asia Pacific region, regional security, U.S. nuclear triad.

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