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Makhsudov Asatulla U. starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik
Institute of Materials Science, SPA “Physics-Sun”, Academy of Science of Uzbekistan Zufarov Mars Ahmedovich starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik
Institute of materials science, SPA «Physics-sun» Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan
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The possible forecasting method of earthquakes in based the registration of intensity of flows of neutrons and the charged particles the detectors used in nuclear physics was offered. Options of installations working by this technique are made. But from such installations was not an opportunity to obtain information about locations of epicenter of the forthcoming earthquake. Such installations are modified, are added by detectors of the direction and are tested. Results along with prognostic signals are received, beginning in 2-3 days, the signals specifying the direction of a location of the forthcoming earthquake, in10 hours before to its origin.
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Makhsudov A.U., Zufarov M.A., (2017), DATE FOR DETECTING THE EARTHQUAKE PRECURSORS MODERNIZED INSTALLATION. Computational Nanotechnology, 3: 33-35.
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earthquake, detector, neutron flux, charged particles.