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Veiko Roman Vladimirovich nauchnyy sotrudnik
Research Centre for Medical Genetics (RCMG), Moscow, Russia
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The modernbiomedical researchcentersworkwith datareceivedbyheterogeneousexperiments. So, thedevelopment and support of informational and analytical systems using relational database management systems is labour-intensive and unjustified. These factors determines the actuality of solution search to create small and easily extensible databases with automated selection. We combined the methods of object-oriented design and relational databases. The developed database management system was tested on the data of medical and genetic analyzes of biomaterial of mentally ill people in the current activity process of Research Centre for Medical Genetics (RCMG).
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Veiko R.V., (2018), OBJECT-RELATIONAL DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM «DATA STRUCT DESIGNER». Computational Nanotechnology, 2: 16-20.
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database, translator, object-oriented design, relational database.