Power plant based on linear with flat Fresnel mirror facets
( Pp. 122-128)

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Kuchkarov Akmaljon Akhmadalievich starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik
Institute of Materials Science «Physics-Sun» of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences Klychev Shavkat Isakovich doktor tehnicheskih nauk
SKTB at the Institute of Ion-Plasma and laser Technologies Uzbekistan Academy of sciences Abdurahmanov Abdujabbar Abdurakhmanovich d-r tehn. nauk, zav. laboratorii Bolshie Solnechnye Ustanovki instituta Materialovedeniya
Institute of Material Sciences, SPA «Physics-Sun» Academy of Science of Uzbekistan
This paper studies linear Fresnel mirror (LFMs) with the flat facets. A model and program for calculating parameters and concentration of LFMs wits flat facets have been developed. It is shown that LFMs can provide in increased concentration by up to 30 times at a number of facets of about 50 while ensuring the high uniformity of the concentrated radiation at the receiver. Established power plant based on the LFMs flat facets. A method for adjusting facet based systems LFMs flat facets.
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Kuchkarov A.A., Klychev S.I., Abdurahmanov A.A., (2016), POWER PLANT BASED ON LINEAR WITH FLAT FRESNEL MIRROR FACETS. Computational Nanotechnology, 2 => 122-128.
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mirror concentrating system, mirror Fresnel, flat facets, the degree of concentration, focus, optical and energy parameters.

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