Experimental results automatic system of tracking for independent concentrators of sunlight
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Akhadov Jobir Zamirovich kand. tehn. nauk, starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik.
Institute of Material science, SPA «Physics-Sun» Academy of Science of Uzbekistan; International Solar Energy Institute Abdurahmanov Abdujabbar Abdurakhmanovich d-r tehn. nauk, zav. laboratorii Bolshie Solnechnye Ustanovki instituta Materialovedeniya
Institute of Material Sciences, SPA «Physics-Sun» Academy of Science of Uzbekistan Saydumarov Ilhomjon Miralimovich kand. fiz.-mat. nauk, zav. kafedry «Ekspluataciya radioelektrooborudovaniya letatelnyh apparatov i aeroportov»
Tashkent State Technical University
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The new type of the solar gauge working by means of photo diodes SV-256 is developed. Thus accuracy of management of solar concentrators reception processes heated pair for development electricity and heat, and also hydrogen in a focal zone of concentrating systems completely provides. It was shown, that the system of tracking developed by us heliostat for trajectory the Sun has high accuracy. Linear changes of the center of a stain in dynamics makes only 2 mm that corresponds 30-80 angle to seconds. Such accuracy of tracking allows carrying out high-temperature researches in a focal zone of the concentrator.
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Akhadov J.Z., Abdurahmanov A.A., Saydumarov I.M., (2016), EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS AUTOMATIC SYSTEM OF TRACKING FOR INDEPENDENT CONCENTRATORS OF SUNLIGHT. Computational Nanotechnology, 2: 118-121.
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Solar power plant, automatic tracking system, solar energy, Autonomous combined solar installation.