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Sychugov Dmitriy Yurievich professor, Fakultet VMK
Lomonosov Moscow State University Zotov Igor Viktorovich docent, fakultet VMK
Lomonosov Moscow State Universit Melnikov Alexander Viktorovich zamestitel rukovoditelya otdeleniya tokamakov
National Research Centre «Kurchatov Institute» Tsaun Sergey Viktorovich nachalnik otdela T-10
National Research Centre «Kurchatov Institute» Andreev Valery F. doktor fiziko-matematicheskih nauk; fakultet vychislitelnoy matematiki i kibernetiki
Lomonosov Moscow State University
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The building of new Russian installation T-15 tokamak is actively conducted in present time. As for today all basic elements of a design of this installation have taken a final form, there is urgent a problem of carrying out detailed numerical modelling of future experiments. The purpose of this work was carrying out such calculations. Modelling of an initial stage of the discharge scenario and a stage of raising of current has been carried out. First of all interested us whether can arise at this stage of vertical instability of plasma, and also what, taking into account existence of mistakes on magnetic sensors, an error of restoration of border of a plasma cord. As a result of calculations it is shown that this stage of the category can be quite realized during a natural experiment on the T-15 installation.
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Sychugov D.Y., Zotov I.V., Melnikov A.V., Tsaun S.V., Andreev V.F., (2017), ANALYSIS OF THE INITIAL STAGE OF THE DISCHARGE SCENARIO ON T-15 TOKAMAK. Computational Nanotechnology, 2: 24-29.
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mathematical modeling, tokamak T-15, script category.