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Imamov Erkin Zunnunovich doktor fiz.-mat. nauk, professor
Tashkent University of Information Technologies Jalalov Temur Asfandiyarovich d-r fiz.-mat. nauk, starshiy prepodavatel
Tashkent Institute of Information Technologies. Tashkent, Uzbekistan Muminov Ramizulla Abdullaevich akademik Akademii nauk respubliki Uzbekistan, glavnyy nauchnyy sotrudnik
Physical-Technical Institute, «Physics-Sun» Uzbekistan Academy of sciences Rakhimov Rustam Kh. Dr. Sci. (Eng.); Head at the Laboratory No. 1
Institute of Materials Science of the SPA “Physics-Sun” of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan
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In this paper, we propose one of the solutions to the problem of creating efficient silicon solar cells, which should: - has a cheap technology of their production; - using cheap materials; - be durable, resilient and stable in functioning. The approaches and methods, providing the ability to create efficient silicon solar cells. Proposed technological factors selection of material of nanocluster as well as an analysis of the growth of physics, dislocation less and nanoheterostructures stability on the substrate based on the fundamental effect of self-organization of semiconductors systems. By using nanotechnology the negative properties of cheap and faulty silicon to transform into advantages.
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Imamov E.Z., Jalalov T.A., Muminov R.A., Rakhimov R.K., (2017), UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO CREATE CHEAP BUT EFFECTIVE SILICON SOLAR CELLS. Computational Nanotechnology, 1: 56-60.
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solar energy, solar cell, nanocluster, quantum dots, nanoscale contact structure, nanoscale "p-n junction", self-organization.