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Abdukadirov Muhitdin Abdurashitovich Dr. of sciences, Professor
Tashkent University of information Technologies Azamatov Zakir Tahirovich Dr. of sciences, Professor
Tashkent State Technical University Axmedova Nodira Aminjanovna Candidate of science
Tashkent University of information Technologies Ganiyev Abror Sattarovich Candidate of science
Tashkent University of information Technologies Muminov Ramizulla Abdullaevich Academician Uzbekistan Academy of sciences.
Institute of Physics and Technology, Scientific and Production Association «Physics-Sun» of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan
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Studied photovoltaic processes in GaAs /AlGaAs heterostructure solar cell with a spectral sensitivity in the range of 450 ≤ λ≤ 850 nm under holographic concentrator illumination. It is shown that with increasing of concentration of the solar flux to 10krat with a linear increase in short-circuit current and open circuit voltage efficiency reaches its maximum value.
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Abdukadirov M.A., Azamatov Z.T., Axmedova N.A., Ganiyev A.S., Muminov R.A., (2017), PROPERTIES OF GAAS/ALGAAS HETEROPHOTOTRANSFORMATORS WITH HOLOGRAPHIC CONCENTRATORS. Computational Nanotechnology, 1: 52-53.
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solar sell, semi conduction, gallium arsenide, spektrowave diapazon, short circuit current, open circuit voltage, hologhraphic concentrator.