Trends in the Development of the Institution of Intellectual Property in Ensuring Innovative Activities of Industrial Production
( Pp. 76-86)

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Kudryavtseva Svetlana S. Dr. Sci. (Econ.), Assistant Professor; Professor at the Department of Logistics and Management
Kazan National Research Technological University
Kazan, Russian Federation Minulina Olga V. prepodavatel kafedry ekonomiki i organizacii proizvodstva
Kazan State Power Engineering University
Kazan, Russian Federation
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The purpose of the research. Development of methodological approaches to the study of the relationship between the state of the institution of intellectual property and the innovative activity of the industrial complex in the Russian context. Achievement of the goal is seen through the solution of the following tasks: Given a characteristic of the state of the institution of intellectual property in the model of open innovation; systematized the development trends of the intellectual property market in the Russian industry; modeling of the relationship between the development of the institution of intellectual property and innovation in industry has been carried out. Results. It has been established that the main source of remuneration in the intellectual property market is the innovation rent, which is the super-profits of the investor, innovator, innovation firm and innovation-active enterprise arising in the process of innovation diffusion. In this case, the sources of income can be: products and technologies, new business, specific assets, licenses, spin-off, subsidiaries, brands, individual stages of the innovation life cycle. In the Russian industry, there is an increase in patent activity, however, no stable dynamics in the development of the institution of intellectual property has been revealed. The level of manufacturability of production of industrial enterprises directly correlates with the level of intellectual property objects used and the applications filed for the issuance of titles of protection for the results of scientific and technical activities. There is no direct positive relationship between indicators of innovative activity in industry and indicators characterizing the state of the institution of intellectual property. However, time lags were revealed between the increase in the number of intellectual property objects used by industrial enterprises and the subsequent increase in the share of shipped innovative products - 3 years, as well as between the increase in the number of intellectual property objects used by industrial enterprises and the subsequent increase in the share of costs for technological innovation in general. the volume of shipped innovative products - 5 years.
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Kudryavtseva S.S., Minulina O.V., (2021), TRENDS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE INSTITUTION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IN ENSURING INNOVATIVE ACTIVITIES OF INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION. Computational Nanotechnology, 2 => 76-86. DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2021-8-2-76-86
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industrial production, institute of intellectual property, innovation activity, objects of intellectual property, technological innovation, patent.

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