Influence of thermodynamic and physic-chemical properties of welding electrode coating components on their welding and technological properties
( Pp. 35-43)

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Saidov Rustam M. kandidat tehnicheskih nauk; starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik
Institute of Materials Science, SPA “Physics-Sun”, Academy of Science of Uzbekistan Yong-Won Song professor kafedry nano-opticheskoy tehniki
Korea Polytechnic University (KPU) of the Republic of Korea Rakhimova Fatima M. mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik
Institute of Material Sciences, SPA “Physics-Sun”, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences Abralov Muzafar M. kandidat tehnicheskih nauk; i.o. docenta
Tashkent State Technical University
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At this article presented the results of researches on studying of influence of thermodynamic and physico-chemical properties of the chemical compounds (SiO2, TiO2, CaCO3, Al2O3, MgO and Fe2O3) on the welding-technological properties of welding electrodes and the influence of these properties on properties of the welding electrode as the breaking length of the arc, forming a weld metal and the formation of the visor at the end of the electrode. According to the results of the research, the requirements for thermodynamic and physical-chemical properties of oxides used for welding electrode coatings have been identified, which can be used in the development of electrode coating compositions for their effective impact on the welding and technological properties of welding electrodes.
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Saidov R.M., Yong-Won S.., Rakhimova F.M., Abralov M.M., (2020), INFLUENCE OF THERMODYNAMIC AND PHYSIC-CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF WELDING ELECTRODE COATING COMPONENTS ON THEIR WELDING AND TECHNOLOGICAL PROPERTIES. Computational Nanotechnology, 1: 35-43. DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2020-7-1-35-43
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manual arc welding, welding electrodes coatings, coating components, welding and technological properties of electrodes.