Effect of Surface Sensor and External Reference Node on Process Temperature Measurement Accuracy
( Pp. 145-153)

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Iskandarov Nabi doctoral student
Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University
Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan Bagishov Elmin dissertation student
Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University
Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan Isgandarzada Elchin Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Dr. Sci. (Phil.), professor; Head at the Department “Metrology and Standardization”
Azerbaijan Technical University
Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan
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As we know, one of the most important and important issues in the implementation of technological processes is the implementation of accurate and correct temperature measurements. During the research, attention was paid to the measurement errors in temperature measurements of technological processes using thermocouples and methods of minimizing those errors. In addition, errors in thermocouple temperature measurements were briefly discussed, and for temperatures limited to a certain range, the T-type thermocouple achieved several times less error than the allowable error specified in the normative documents. It is known that when describing thermocouples in the technical literature, first of all, industrial devices with high temperature coefficient and medium class accuracy are considered. Also, as we know, in domestic applications, the temperature difference between the measurement and the reference node varies mainly within the minimum threshold range. Therefore, if the main source of error is the internal reference temperature compensation in the measuring instrument, it is almost impossible to determine the proportion of errors due to the thermocouple itself. The study found that the measurement error can be significantly reduced when determining the temperature of technological processes using an external reference node. At the same time, since the special application of temperature measurements of technological processes covers the measurement of indoor and outdoor temperatures, the errors due to the effect of radiation on the sensor from the surrounding surfaces are many times higher than the allowable error. For this reason, tools have been proposed to assess the radiation effects on typical thermocouples, along with proposals for modification of thermocouple sensors to reduce the potential radiation exposure and thus increase measurement accuracy.
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Iskandarov N.., Bagishov E.., Isgandarzada E.., (2022), EFFECT OF SURFACE SENSOR AND EXTERNAL REFERENCE NODE ON PROCESS TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT ACCURACY. Computational Nanotechnology, 1: 145-153. DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2022-9-1-145-153
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thermodynamic temperature, temperature sensor, metrological support, metrology, thermocouple, error.