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Kuklina Irina Gennadevna kandidat tehnicheskih nauk, docent informacionnyh sistem i tehnologiy; docent kafedry Informacionnyh sistem i tehnologiy
Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering
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The fundamental task of the modern engineer-creator of specialized automotive equipment (the study examines cross- country vehicles and equipment for the construction and maintenance of roads) is a competent and high-performance application of modern information technologies, as noted in the Government Decree of 2014 [1, p. 6, 15]. The author of the article proposed a structured set of application of object-oriented information methodologies for solving problems of calculation and visualization when creating highly reliable vehicles equipped with long screw rotors [2, p. 20]. The methodologies of automation and computerization of design processes in calculating the dynamics of a machine [3, p. 87] (the creation of a competent design of vibration damping [5, p. 49] in automotive vehicles is one of the most important tasks of car builders) were considered and proposed at the end of the last and the beginning of the modern century by leading foreign and Russian authors [4, p. 53].Snow and swamp vehicles - so often called rotor-screw machines are equipped with long screw rotors [6, p. 23], the use of which significantly increases the cross-country ability of the machine [7, p. 135], but also increases the vibrational loads on the operator and passengers of the all-terrain vehicle. The creation of a methodology for calculating the oscillatory processes of these machines is devoted to the works of famous scientists of Russia [10, p. 238]. The proposed surveys are devoted to the use of modern information technologies to increase the speed and quality characteristics of calculation processes when creating comfortable and reliable special vehicles with rotary thrusters. Calculation programs are accompanied by video playback of machine units.The article proposes an original object-oriented system for studying dynamic vibration loading of machines with linear contact between the supporting surface and the propulsion. It is the uniqueness of rotor-screw machines that creates difficult conditions for the design engineers of these machines. Automation of complex calculations of the oscillatory system of these machines is an important task for Russian designers.
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Kuklina I.G., (2019), AUTOMATION OF DESIGN PROCESSES WHEN CREATING AND OPERATING SPECIAL CARS. Computational Nanotechnology, 4 => 9-17. DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2019-6-4-9-17
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rotor-screw machine, long screw rotor, object-oriented programming, scalable information system.

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