Improving the Drive of the Rolling Mill 2000 at PJSC Severstal
( Pp. 154-160)

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Gerasimova Alla A. Cand. Sci. (Eng.); associated professor
National Research and Engineering University "MISIS"
Moscow, Russian Federation Vasiliev Mikhail V. senior lecturer
National Research and Engineering University "MISIS"
Moscow, Russian Federation Nagovitsyn Vladimir A. graduate student
National Research and Engineering University "MISIS"
Moscow, Russian Federation
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The purpose of the scientific work is to modernize the gear cage of the hot rolling mill 2000 at PJSC Severstal, which will increase the service life of the drive as a whole. The method of drive modernization consists in the modernization of the gear cage, namely, the replacement of the chevron engagement with an increased class of manufacturing accuracy and contact strength of gears, with the same dimensions of the foundations. As a result of the calculations performed, it was found: an increase in service life due to the material, the average service life of the chevron engagement made of steel grade 12KHN3A is 8.2 years, the possibility of reducing the width of the gear engagement. When calculating the contact strength, the calculated value was 872.9 MPa, which did not exceed the permissible 1209.6 MPa. The bending load capacity also showed an estimated value of 116.8 MPa, not exceeding the permissible 458.1 MPa. The designed gear engagement, where the module, the number of teeth and the width of the gear ring were changed, has fatigue endurance.
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Gerasimova A.A., Vasiliev M.V., Nagovitsyn V.A., (2022), IMPROVING THE DRIVE OF THE ROLLING MILL 2000 AT PJSC SEVERSTAL. Computational Nanotechnology, 1: 154-160. DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2022-9-1-154-160
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rolling mill, gear cage, bending, engagement module, modernization.