Computational and experimental method for determining the structural appearance of transmission shafts made using composite materials
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Eremin Valentin P. inzhener laboratorii № 2 «Kompozicionnye materialy i konstrukcii» NIO-101
Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) Bolshikh Alexander A. inzhener laboratorii № 2 «Kompozicionnye materialy i konstrukcii» NIO-101
Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) Shkurin Maksim V. starshiy prepodavatel kafedry «Proektirovanie i sertifikaciya aviacionnoy tehniki»
Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)
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This computational and experimental work is dedicated to the development of promising designs of vehicle drive shafts made of polymer composite materials. The paper analyzes the existing models of drive shafts vehicles and substantiates the use of a carbon-fiber drive shaft with titanium tips. A manufacturing technology for such a product is also presented. Evaluation of structure performance under the action of ultimate loads was carried out by the finite element method considering anisotropic properties of reinforced materials. Prototypes of composite drive shafts were produced for further laboratory tests. According to the tests results, the drive shafts withstands a greater torsional moment than the calculated one. As a result, it was decided to install them on a racing vehicle for carrying out field tests. During the field tests of the composite drive shaft, the mounting structure between titanium tip and composite tube was destroyed. During the full-scale tests there were no loads exceeding 60% of the calculated ones, therefore, the main cause of structural failure is fatigue failure. The next stage of the research was the development of a design that is resistant to long-term cyclic loads and has sufficient reliability. This design was designed, manufactured and tested in the framework of field tests.
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composite materials, drive shafts, finite element analysis, racing car.