Model based on the selection of cluster heads for data collection in the mobile Internet of Things
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Zhukova Natalia A. kandidat tehnicheskih nauk, docent; veduschiy nauchnyy sotrudnik
St. Petersburg Institute of Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences Aung Myo Thaw aspirant fakulteta programmnoy inzhenerii i kompyuternoy tehniki
ITMO University Tin Tun Aung aspirant fakulteta programmnoy inzhenerii i kompyuternoy tehniki
ITMO University Evnevich Elena L. kandidat fiziko-matematicheskih nauk; starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik
St. Petersburg Institute of Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Internet of Things network being recently implemented in a wide variety of domains of human activities consists of multiple sensor nodes and mobile network supporting communications between the nodes and base station. Data collected by mobile devices is becoming more dynamic and complex. While solving the task of data collection in a dynamic network it becomes necessary to find the optimal balance of security, data transmission network latency and energy consumption. Taking these requirements into account a method for cluster heads selection and data collection model based on a modified LEACH-M routing protocol were developed and presented in this paper. Proposed approach ensures both secure selection of the cluster heads when collecting data and energy efficient routing. The model was evaluated by using various performance metrics such as security of data collection by cluster heads, power consumption, number of active nodes and network latency. According to the simulation results the performance of the proposed clustering model is better than that of the existing clustering models in several aspects.
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Zhukova N.A., Aung M.T., Tin T.A., Evnevich E.L., (2020), MODEL BASED ON THE SELECTION OF CLUSTER HEADS FOR DATA COLLECTION IN THE MOBILE INTERNET OF THINGS. Computational Nanotechnology, 4 => 31-38.
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internet of things, LEACH protocol, cluster head, mobile devices, dynamic network.

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