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Shinkevich Alexey Ivanovich d-r ekonom. nauk, professor; zaveduyuschiy kafedroy logistiki i upravleniya
the Kazan National Research Technological University. Kazan
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The article provides an analysis of the main areas of resource and energy conservation in the petrochemical complex of Russia. On the basis of statistical data, trends in this field of research are presented, allowing to determine the positive and negative factors of the implementation of resource saving programs in petrochemistry. Based on the cluster analysis for the subjects of the Volga Federal District, groups of regions were identified in terms of the energy intensity of the gross regional product and the electrical equipment of labor. The results of the analysis can be used in the development of regional resource-saving programs in the petrochemical complex.
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Shinkevich A.I., (2019), ASSESSMENT OF THE LEVEL OF RESOURCE SAVING IN THE PETROCHEMICAL COMPLEX. Computational Nanotechnology, 1: 34-38.
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