Modernization of the Quality System in the Production of Round Rolled Products on the Small-grade Mill 250
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Gerasimova Alla A. Candidate of Engineering, Associated Professor; National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”. Moscow, Russian Federation. ORCID:; Scopus Author ID: 54404655200; Researcher ID: AAD-7091-2021; РИНЦ Author ID: 872766; E-mail: Vasiliev Mikhail V. senior lecturer
National Research and Engineering University "MISIS"
Moscow, Russian Federation Karfidova Anastasia O. aspirant
National Research and Engineering University “MISIS”
Moscow, Russian Federation
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The paper suggests ways to modernize the quality system in the production of long products in the conditions of PAO Severstal. The issues of optimizing the operation of the adjustage section are considered. The aim of the work was to develop proposals for the implementation of measures that allow us to produce more competitive products. Activities include the installation of finishing equipment and quality control at the adjustage. During the modernization of the mill 250 adjustage, it is proposed to install a production line for finishing and quality control of finished products, including an automatic ultrasonic control unit, a correct machine with oblique rollers, a roughing and grinding unit and cold cutting shears. The equipment and warehouses of the workshop are located in such a way that there is no intersection of cargo flows. The main equipment of the mill is located in one span with a width of 36 m and a length of 435 m. Between the mills 250 and 350 there is a storage area, measuring 162 × 168 m. On the available free areas of the auxiliary section, it is possible to place equipment for the following operations: detection of defects using a flaw detector, straightening on the correct machine with skewed rollers, continuous abrasive stripping on a roughing and grinding unit. The capacity of the mill in this case is 76 t/h, which is the maximum of the entire range. The modernization of the product quality system will increase the profit, increase the profitability of products by 34% by improving the quality. At the small-grade mill 250, it will be possible to produce products that are more competitive in the metal market compared to those currently produced, and this will allow us to reach new consumers of products.
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Gerasimova A.A., Vasiliev M.V., Karfidova A.O., (2021), MODERNIZATION OF THE QUALITY SYSTEM IN THE PRODUCTION OF ROUND ROLLED PRODUCTS ON THE SMALL-GRADE MILL 250. Computational Nanotechnology, 2 => 48-55.
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rolling mill, defects, adjustage, quality system, rod.

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