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Chursin Rostislav A. aspirant kafedry «Prikladnaya ekonomika»
Institute of Space Technologies of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
The objective of the article: examine the contents of the category R & D as a control object in the modern knowledge-based enterprises, and the main theoretical approaches to R&D management. Model: the author explores the category of R&D, using the modern theory of MSC- management control systems. The conclusions of the article: the author concludes, that the monitoring should be carried out in different ways depending on the specific types of uncertainty characterizing research and development operations in specific companies. It is necessary to develop a theoretical framework for the creation of the methodology of a collective evaluation of both qualitative and quantitative factors that affect the processes of research and implementation using the mathematical apparatus that allows to assess the overall effectiveness of the specific innovation project.
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Chursin R.A., (2016), ON THE ISSUE OF MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL OF R&D. Business in Law, 6 => 106-108.
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R & d, management of R & d, control R & d, five generations of the analysis of R & d processes, criteria of the theory of innovation management.

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