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Shutilina Olga A. prepodavatel kafedry teorii i istorii gosudarstva i prava
Tambov State Technical University
The article examines the tribunals in the Australian administrative law, which function as the main organs of resolution of administrative disputes. Model of the tribunals in Australia is one of the most consistent and comprehensive. The author notes that, although there are highly specialized tribunals that deal with certain types of cases, the characteristic feature of the system is the Australian courts Appeal Tribunal (the Australian Appeals Tribunal), which has extensive jurisdiction over administrative disputes. The Tribunal uses acceptable, easily accessible source of information relating to the operation and practices of the judiciary, which is considered the administrative appeal, and organizes standardized sequential review procedure on the merits
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Shutilina O.A., (2015), FEATURES MODEL OF ADMINISTRATIVE TRIBUNALS IN AUSTRALIA. Business in Law, 5 => 32-34.
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administrative tribunals, The Australian Appeals Tribunal, the substantive revision, a review of the case in court.

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