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Pogosyan Tigran V. glavnyy specialist-ekspert Minstroya Rossii. Aspirant RANHiGS pri Prezidente RF
Ministry of Construction; The Russian Presidential academy of national economy and public administration
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Targeted programs are important tools for the implementation of structural policy, actively affects not only social but also economic processes in the country. At the present stage of development of Russia becomes more and more obvious the need to strengthen investment and innovation areas of budget expenditures in the context of the transition to an innovative model of economic growth. This article discusses the features of the formation of targeted programs in modern conditions, and made an attempt to identify the principles of design and implementation, as well as recommendations to improve mechanisms for the use of targeted programs as effective instruments of state regulation of the economy
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Pogosyan T.V., (2015), DEVELOPMENT OF THE PRINCIPLES DEVELOPMENT OF PROGRAMS. Business in Law, 2: 199-201.
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target program, public administration, program-target method, socio-economic development, the Federal target program.