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Raevskij Sergey V. d-r ekon. nauk, professor
The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, IBS-Institute of Business Studies Fedorov Denis Vladimirovich generalnyy direktor OAO «Gazprom energoholding», k.e.n.
Open Society «Gazprom power holding»
The purpose of a writing of article is revealing and the analysis of the methodological problems arising in the course of working out of the state power policy. In work views of foreign scientists in the specified sphere, such as V.Kvint, And Boumen are generalised and considered. Ordering of approaches to working out of the state power policy, available in modern literary space became result of the analysis. Necessity of inclusion for methodology of a power policy strategic components with multiple scenary modelling that gives adaptability and flexibility to the author's approach is consistently proved. The material stated in work is focused on the experts occupied directly in sector of power and for other persons, the interested by development of power branch
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Raevskij S.V., Fedorov D.V., (2014), METHODOLOGICAL PROBLEMS OF WORKING OUT OF THE STATE POWER POLICY. Business in Law, 1 => 188-190.
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energy policy, methodology for the formation of energy policy.

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