Integration potential of regional health system (as shown by Krasnodar Region)
( Pp. 226-230)

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Zakharova Elena N. doktor ekonomicheskih nauk, professor
Adyghe State University (Maikop) Kovaleva Irina P. kand. ekon. nauk, docent
Novorossiysk branch of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Objective: To define prospects for increasing the efficiency of a medical service system in the Krasnodar region on the basis of realization of its integration potential. Model: Integration interactions as multilevel and mutually influencing processes. The assessment of integration potential of the region makes it possible to define undeveloped communications and to strengthen operating influence on their sensitization. Conclusions: The Krasnodar Region was taken as an example to study the development of health system. Five trends of integration interactions in health care were designated in terms of their optimization. Each trend was investigated by using a branched structure with designation of the actual directions of development. Practical significance: Integration potential plays an important role in the formation of clusters of the regional system of medical services. Originality/value: The implemented work has a conceptual character, giving an opportunity to continue research in broader aspect.
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Zakharova E.N., Kovaleva I.P., (2014), INTEGRATION POTENTIAL OF REGIONAL HEALTH SYSTEM (AS SHOWN BY KRASNODAR REGION). Business in Law, 1 => 226-230.
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the integration potential of the region, integration impact, hard and soft connection, departmental interests, cluster organization.

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