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Nelyubin Pavel G. aspirant kafedry vseobschey istorii i mezhdunarodnyh otnosheniy
Altai State University
Barnaul, Russian Federation
The purpose of the study. The article examines the problem of the role of Protestant missionaries from the United States in the history of Japan. The author demonstrates that missionaries acted not only as disseminators of the Christian faith, but also as informal agents of influence of their country and «Western civilization» as a whole. Thus, the purpose of the study is to establish and identify the ways of influence of Protestant missionaries from the United States on the state and society in Japan of the specified period, which, of course, was by no means limited to the number of converts. This is necessary to overcome stereotypes and superficial assessments of the Protestant missionaries from the United States and their role in Japanese history. Results. As a result of the study, the author comes to the conclusion that it was precisely as informal agents of the United States that missionaries used their main advantage - the opportunity to share knowledge of Western civilization and popularize it in Japan. At the same time, the author notes that the success in the dissemination of «Western» achievements and ideas was not associated with Christianization. Christianity in this case, rather, was a deterrent to their spread. This seems to have been due to a deeply rooted bias against Christians on the part of the overwhelming majority of Japanese people, which arose as a result of anti-Christian policies that had been pursued for about 250 years. In addition, the circumstances, thanks to which they were able to preach their faith among the Japanese flock in the 19th century, did not contribute to the improvement of the image of the Protestant missionaries from the United States.
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Nelyubin P.G., (2021), IMPACT OF US PROTESTANT MISSIONERS ON STATE AND SOCIETY IN JAPAN IN THE 19TH CENTURY. History and Modern Perspectives, 2 => 18-24.
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Christianity in Japan, Protestant missionaries of the USA, Protestantism in Japan, relations between Japan and the USA.

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