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Paley Dmitry A. магистрант, факультет международных отношений, программа подготовки «Американские исследования»
St. Petersburg State University
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation Tsvetkova Natalia A. Dr. Sci. (Hist.), Ph.D. in Social and Behavioral Studies, Professor, Head of the Department of American Studies
St. Petersburg State University
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
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The article examines one of the most important internal aspects of the political life of the United States - political lobbying within the acute and urgent problem of civilian weapons. The purpose of this study is to consider and review the institution of political lobbying at the present stage: its role in the American political field, the mechanisms of its work. The following aspects of lobbying activities will be considered: the concepts of interest groups and lobbyists and their fundamental difference, the formation of the Institute of Political Lobbying within the Association, the PAC and SuperPAC organizations, the typology of lobbying actors and the place of the Association in it, party engagement and support for ideas about free civilian weapons from the Republican party. In the study, the authors come to the conclusions that as a multi-disciplinary and highly specialized player in the lobbying field, the National Rifle Association has been one of the most influential lobbying actors in the United States for two decades; introduced a new concept «prophet mediator» to designate a unique position in which the organization's lobbying activities are carried out and the factor of the uniqueness of the phenomenon of lobbying of the Association in the form of combining the strengths of various lobbying groups represented in the American political field is derived and determined. This study is the starting point for further study of the influence of the arms-lobbying factor on the current domestic political agenda in the United States.
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Paley D.A., Tsvetkova N.A., (2021), US NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION LOBBYING: PAST AND PRESENT. History and Modern Perspectives, 2: 25-31. DOI: 10.33693/2658-4654-2021-3-2-25-31
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US National Rifle Association, lobbying, domestic politics, the problem of civilian weapons, the US Congress.