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Polovchenko Konstantin Anatolievich PhD at Law, Associate Professor. Position: Associate Professor. Place of employment: MGIMO University, Moscow, Russian Federation. Department: Constitutional Law chair.
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The Constitution of 1838 was the constitutional document of Autonomous entity (the Serbian Principality) in the Ottoman Empire. It was octroyed by the Sultan’s edict. A long and complex process of drafting this Constitution was the result of internal power struggles in the Principality and struggle of world powers for hegemony in the region. Therefore, there are several evaluation criteria of this Constitution. On the one hand, the Constitution preserved the status of Serbia as a vassal Principality. On the other hand, the Constitution of 1838 provided eliminating the remnants of feudalism in the Serbian Principality. The provisions of this Constitution laid the basic economic and political principles of the future building of bourgeois democracy in Serbia which analysis is presented in this article.
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Polovchenko K.A., (2017), THE ROLE OF THE CONSTITUTION OF 1838 IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF SERBIAN CONSTITUTIONALISM. Sociopolitical sciences, 4: 70-75.
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The Serbian Principality, the history of Serbian constitutionalism, The Serbian Constitution of 1838, The Ottoman Empire, the struggle of the Serbian people for independence, Prince, The Council, Svatantrika Assembly.