Sociopolitical sciences

Issue №4 2017
Issue №4 2017
ISSN: 2223-0092 (print)       2310-7065 (online) Pages: 1-172
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1. ПОЛИТИЧЕСКИЕ ПРОБЛЕМЫ МЕЖДУНАРОДНЫХ ОТНОШЕНИЙ, ГЛОБАЛЬНОГО И РЕГИОНАЛЬНОГО РАЗВИТИЯ. ЗАРУБЕЖНЫЕ НАУЧНЫЕ ШКОЛЫ The influence of the Cold War on modern trends in world politics from the point of view of Chinese and Russian scientists Hao L. Geopolitical features of the Caspian region Chernitsyna Sofia Yu. 2. ПОЛИТИЧЕСКИЕ ИНСТИТУТЫ, ПРОЦЕССЫ И ТЕХНОЛОГИИ «A political man» in Dagestan: an individual dimension of politics Gadjieva Aysha A. Musaev Idris M. MANAGEMENT DECISIONS WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF AGRARIAN POLICY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Malozemov Sergey I. The electoral culture of students of Vladivostok Marin Egor B. 3. СОЦИАЛЬНОЕ ПОЗНАНИЕ И ФИЛОСОФИЯ НАУКИ TO THE QUESTION OF THE ETHICS OF THE SCIENCE Pavelieva Tatyana U. 4. СОЦИАЛЬНАЯ ФИЛОСОФИЯ; СОЦИАЛЬНОЕ УПРАВЛЕНИЕ И ОБЕСПЕЧЕНИЕ P. I. NOVGORODTSEV ABOUT THE CORRELATION OF THE SOCIAL IDEAL AND THE PERSONALITY Sokolnikova Valentina A. 5. ФИЛОСОФИЯ ПРАВА JUSTICE, FREEDOM AND EQUALITYAS THE PURPOSE OF THE SUBJECT OF LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES Balayants Mikhail S. 6. ПРАВА И СВОБОДЫ ЧЕЛОВЕКА И ГРАЖДАНИНА, ГАРАНТИИ ИХ ОБЕСПЕЧЕНИЯ Features of the alimony on minor children Shilovskaya Anna L. Inheritance relationship: the concept and content Lenkovskaya Renata Romanovna Forecasting of legal risks Agamirov Karen V. TO THE QUESTION OF LEGAL WARRANTIES OF CONDEMNED WOMEN WITH THE ORGANIZATION OF LABOR IN THE FIELD OF DEPRIVATION OF FREEDOM Drozdova Elena A. Tarasova Maria Ilyinichna Bykov Anton I. Sayfullin Ranis Raufovich Smirnov Ivan S. Blood relationship and relationship by marriage as an obstacleto marriage Belova Svetlana N. 7. ТЕОРИЯ И ИСТОРИЯ ПРАВА И ГОСУДАРСТВА, ИСТОРИЯ УЧЕНИЙ О ПРАВЕ И ГОСУДАРСТВЕ Witchcraft as the form of religious crime in the Old-Russian legislation Lukyanov Sergey A. THE ROLE OF THE CONSTITUTION OF 1838 IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF SERBIAN CONSTITUTIONALISM Polovchenko Konstantin A. INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE OF THE SOVIET UNION Manukyan Gor A. THE INSTITUTION OF «LOBBYING»: THE TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN Shafiullina Elmira Alievna 8. КОНСТИТУЦИОННОЕ ПРАВО, КОНСТИТУЦИОННЫЙ СУДЕБНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС, МУНИЦИПАЛЬНОЕ ПРАВО Crimes against the basis of the constitutional order and State security: notion and general characterization Kuznetsov Alexander Pavlovich Legal classification of offences against the basis of the constitutional order and state security Kuznetsov Alexander Pavlovich PROHIBITION OF ACTIVITIES OF POLITICAL PARTIES AND OTHER PUBLIC ASSOCIATIONS AS THE AUTHORITY OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT: THE EXPERIENCE OF SERBIA Polovchenko Konstantin A. PARTICULARITIES OF PROSECUTOR'S ELECTION AND TERMINATION OF POWERS IN THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA Polovchenko Konstantin A. RECIPIENTS OF FEDERAL SOCIAL PROGRAMS: THE EXPERIENCE OF SYSTEMATIZATION Kornyushkina Alla Yurikovna 9. ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОЕ АДМИНИСТРАТИВНОЕ УПРАВЛЕНИЕ LABOUR RELATIONS AND INVESTMENT IN THE PRODUCTIVE SECTOR OF THE PENAL SYSTEM Sayfullin Ranis Raufovich Aksenov Alexander A. Kutakov Nikolay N. 10. УГОЛОВНОЕ ПРАВО И КРИМИНОЛОГИЯ Criminalistic characterization of the personality of a criminal who commits crimes against the sexual inviolability of minors Brusentseva Vasilina A. Ykovlev Nikita A. SENTENCE, ACTIONS BASED ON THE VERDICT OF THE JURORS, AS THE SUBJECT OF THE APPEAL AND CHECK APPEAL Sukhova Olga A. Characteristics of the subject of the crime, stipulated by Art. 172. 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Zorov Peter Mikhailovich On the question of the introduction of the institute of liberation from criminal liability with the appointment of a judicial fine Poluektov Andrey Georgiyevich On the relationship of entrepreneurial relations and propertyrelations to the object of criminal legal protectionof business activities Kharkov Aleksandr Vladimirovich Grounds for the occurrence and conditions for the implementation of the criminal procedural powers of the legal representative Gazaryan Arkady Arsenovich THE PROBLEMS OF COMPENSATION OF HARM, CAUSED BY ILLEGAL ACTIONS OF ORGANS CONDUCTING CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS Kirilov Andrew S. 11. ПРОБЛЕМЫ БОРЬБЫ С КОРРУПЦИЕЙ, ТЕРРОРИЗМОМ Specific aspects of combating political terrorism Gauzhaeva Victoria Aleksandrovna Otarov Alim A. 12. ПРЕСТУПЛЕНИЯ В СФЕРЕ ИНФОРМАЦИОННЫХ ТЕХНОЛОГИЙ И КИБЕРПРЕСТУПНОСТЬ ABOUT SOME METHODS OF INFORMATION SECURITY IN THE WORLD WIDE WEB Burayeva Lyudmila A. RADICALISM AND ONLINE RECRUITING ON THE INTERNET Burayeva Lyudmila A. 13. ФИЛОСОФИЯ ИСТОРИИ И СОВРЕМЕННЫЕ ИСТОРИЧЕСКИЕ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯ Different points of view in the history of Russia: world outlook Lichman Boris V. HISTORY AND WORLDVIEW Gerasimov Grigory I. 14. ИСТОРИЯ И ЭТНОГРАФИЯ MAJOR TRENDS IN THE SPHERE OF ETHNIC CONFECTIONARY RELATIONS IN THE FINNISH-UGORSKY PEOPLE OF THE VOLGA REGION AND PRIURALYA (ON THE EXAMPLE OF MORDVA) Mokshina Elena N. Mokshin Nikolay F. 15. ОТЕЧЕСТВЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ The social aspect of the Christian faiths’ activities in Belarus (the last third of the XIX - the beginning of the XX century) on the example of the fight against alcoholism Pashkov Nikodim O.