Gaps in Russian legislation

Gaps in Russian legislation
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Editorial board:
Chistiakov Vladimir Vsevolodovich, professor, Chairman of the Editorial Board

Aver'yanova Tat'yana Vital'evna  - Doctor of Science, Professor, Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, professor of criminalistics, honorary employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, police major general;
Andreev Valery Vitalievich - Doctor of Science, Professor, honored worker of culture of the Chuvash Republic, rector of the Cheboksary cooperative Institute
Berezin Maxim Yurevich - Dr. of Science, Professor, Financial University under the Government of Moscow, Department of Legal Regulation of Economic Activity
Ebzeev Boris Safarovich, LLD, professor
Eminov Vladimir Eugenievich, LLD, professor, honored lawyer of Russia, Head of Department of the Moscow State University of Law by the name O.E. Kurafin (MSLA)
Isayenko Vyacheslav Nikolaevich, LLD, profesor, the deserved lawyer of the Russian Federation, the deputy director of Institute of professional development of the managerial personnel of Academy of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, the State adviser of justice 3 classes
Kapinus Oksana Sergeevna - LLD, professor,  rector of State Offices of Public Prosecutor Academy of Russia
Kurbanov Rashad Afatovich, LLD, Professor of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Head of Department of the Legislation and Comparative Law Institute of the Russian Federation Government
Paraskevova Svetlana Andreyevna, LLD, professor, the chairman of the court composition of the sixteenth arbitration court of appeal
Severin Vitaliy Andreevich - LLD, associate professor, professor of Faculty of law of Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov
Tonkov Evgeny Evgenievich, LLD, professor, Honored lawyer of the Russian Federation, director of the Higher Law Institute "BSU"
Volodina S.I., PhD, the assistant professor, the director of Institute of legal and notariate profession Moscow State University of Law by the name O.E. Kurafin (MSLA), the vice rector of the Russian academy of legal profession and notariate


Louise Shelley – PhD, University Professor, George Mason University. Arlington, Virginia


Wang Zan - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Law Department, Dalian Maritime University, China


Olga Siegmunt - PhD in Law, associate professor University of Vechta, Germany

Trunk Alexander , LLD, professor, dean of law department, director of Institute of the right of countries of Eastern Europe of University Kiel


Ünver, Yener - PhD in Public Law, Professor, Dean of Özyeğin University, Faculty of Law

Republic of Iraq

Hunar Ameen Hasan - PhD, Assitant professor, Dean of Collage of Public Administration and Natural Resource Management, Charmo University


Edita Gruodyte - Phd in Law, professor, vice-dean for research Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of law


Cao Ngoc Anh - PhD , Lecturer, Vice Dean of Faculty of Security Advice & Leadership, People’s Security Academy, Hanoi

Dzhafarov Azer Mamed оглы, LLD, the deserved lawyer of the Azerbaijani Republic, the State adviser of justice 3 classes, the member of Judicial and legal council of the Azerbaijani Republic, the chief of the Head organizational and control department of the Ministry of Justice of the Azerbaijani Republic
Veliyev Isakhan Veisal oglu, LLD, professor, Head of department of criminal law and criminal process of the Institute of philosophy, sociology and law of the National Academy of sciences of Azerbaijan

Suleymenov  Maidan Kuntuarovich – LLD, professor, academician of Kazakhstan National Academy of Sciences , director of Scientific Research Institute of private law of the Caspian Public University
Zhalybin Sergey Mikhaylovich –LLD, the professor, the academician of the International academy of information, the director of scientific research institute of institute of economy and the right of Kostanaysky social technical university of academician Z. Aldamzhar;

Osmonaliyev Kairat Mederbekovich - vice-rector of the Diplomatic academy of the MFA of KR, LLD, professor, the chairman of the OEF of the state Committee of national security

Republic Poland
Bruno Holyst, LLD, professor, Warsaw Academy of Management

Rafal Adamus - LLD, professor, University of Opol, Head of the Department of Economic, Commercial and Bankruptchy Law

Jarosław Turłukowski- PhD, Assistant professor at the Institute of Civil Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw

KRALJIĆ Suzana - PhD (Law), Associate Professor, University of Maribor, Faculty of Law

Members of the editorial council:
Basik V.P., Bulakov О.N., Chuprova А.Yu., Dashkov G.V., Denisenko V.V., Dugenez A.S., Ertel A.G., Gorbunova O.N., Goshuliak V.V., Grigoriev V.N., Kondratov P.E., Krasnov D.A., Kurmanov M.M., Lesnikov G.Yu.,Mazur S.F., Morgunova E.A., Mustafaev M.H., Oleynik О.М., Pavlyuk A.V., Petrova G.V.,  Rygenkov A.Ya., Safin F.Yu., Safonov V.E., Shumilov A.Y., Simonov N.E., Shhagapsoev Z.L., Starilov Yu.N., Strashun B.А., Tamaev R.S., Vitriansky V.V., Zhdanov S.P., Zvecharovsky I.E.
- Theory and history of the state; history of doctrines of law and state (specialty 12.00.01)
- Constitutional law; the constitutional court
process; municipal law (specialty 12.00.02)
- Civil law; housing right; family
right (specialty 12.00.03)
- Financial right; tax law; Budget
right (specialty 12.00.04)
- Labor and Employment Law, Social Security Law (specialty 12.00.05)
- Land law; Nature and resources law; environmental law, agricultural law (specialty 12.00.06)
- Business Law; corporate
right; energy law (specialty 12.00.07)
- Criminal law and criminology;
criminally-executive law (specialty 12.00.08)
- Criminal proceedings (specialty 12.00.09)
- International law, European law (specialty 12.00.10)
- Judicial activities; prosecutorial activities;
human rights and law enforcement
activities (specialty 12.00.11)
- Forensics; forensic
activities; operatively-search
activities (specialty 12.00.12)
- Information Law (specialty 12.00.13)
- Administrative law; administrative process (specialty 12.00.14)
- Civil process; arbitration
process (specialty 12.00.15)
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- Abstracts of Ph.D.